Nanostructured Ceramic Powders

With Innovnano’s range of highly pure, nanostructured zirconia ceramic powders, you can expect more from your ceramics.

Our powders are ideally suited to industrial applications that demand the highest material performance. With guaranteed small grain sizes and high purity, our nanostructured powders enhance the physical, chemical and mechanical properties of ceramics to improve the functionality, behaviour, and value of your end-product.

All of our ceramic powders are produced using our unique, proprietary manufacturing process – Emulsion Detonation Synthesis (EDS). To find out more about a particular powder in our range, click on the powder of interest below:

  • 2YSZ
    Outstanding fracture toughness for structural ceramics that must endure challenging conditions
  • 3YSZ
    High strength for supreme wear-resistance in physically demanding structural ceramic applications
  • 4YSZ
    Exceptional resistance to physical and chemical wear in high temperatures and extreme environments with very low thermal conductivity
  • Monoclinic Zirconia
    Guaranteed refractory strength and temperature resilience for the production of high quality, long-lasting refractories

Coming soon... ATZ, 4,5YSZ, 5YSZ and zirconia- based cermets

Properties and benefits

  • High Purity
    Uncompromised ceramic performance
  • Small Grain Size
    Improved mechanical properties
  • Uniform Granular Morphology
    Improved flowability for easy application of powders
  • Higher Specific Surface Area and Reactivity
    Lower sintering temperatures, to minimise grain growth and retain beneficial nanostructure


At Innovnano, we are proud to support the fast-paced and progressive industries that are developing and using advanced materials. We have a special interest in structural ceramics, producing a range of YSZ powders designed for the most physically demanding applications.
With an intrinsic nanostructure, your end-products will show enhanced properties for top performance across a number of applications:

  • Structural Ceramics
  • Thermal Barrier Coatings
  • Refractories
We are always looking for new ways to utilise our unique Emulsion Detonation Synthesis technology to help you achieve more with your ceramics. Let us know your application and we will aim to find a solution that meets your specific needs.

If you have an application in mind, please get in touch.